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Friends of Platypus Inc has no allegiance to any local, state or federal government nor any developer and business enterprise. But hope we have a loud voice that governments recognise and acknowledge are representing Sydney residents - wherever they live as well as visitors who value and appreciate our amazing Sydney Harbour.


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We are a not-for-profit and any funds will go to our objective 'To promote the SubBase Platypus as a Harbourside Park with open spaces for recreational activities .'

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Help get the hulk torn down

Friends of Platypus are working very hard in trying to capture the community interests but there are so many causes. We are local and hope in a few years you can sit back and say you did help in some way. An email here, a survey there, a pamphlet delivered, a conversation had, we can all do something for improving our environment for the next generation.

Please help make a difference so we can all sit beside water and enjoy. Help get the factory TORN DOWN. Sydney deserves a REAL park for recreation beside its harbour.

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